July 10, 2014

Happy 4th Rodeo Style

Happy 4th of July.

What a day!

It was HOT! Like 100 degrees hot. 

But I didn't care. I braved the heat! I tool our Light Rail to the next town called Folsom. It was the 54th Annual Folsom Rodeo. I so didn't want to fight traffic and find a place to park, etc. So I decided to take Light Rail. I like Light Rail. They do all the driving and I just sit back and relax. That's nice!

So off I go. It was about 6:30pm and the Rodeo started at 7:00pm. I figure it would take about 20 minutes to get there. Even though it was UPHILL all the way. 

Then I double checked the timetable about getting back home. Oh NO!!!!! The last train left at 7:09pm. How could I have overlooked this wrinkle? I was so screwed! Really. That is so not me. What happened? How am I going to get home?  I totally freaked. Then I remembered that I had a friend that was going as well. Luckily she would give me a ride back to my car. Whew! Crisis averted, I can enjoy the rest of the night.

Then off I go on my walk to the Rodeo Arena. I walk UP Sutter Street which is still in the old time west tradition. Quaint stores and some restaurants. You really feel like it's 100+ years ago. It's all up hill alright. I get the end (about 4 blocks) and I ask a passerby if the Rodeo Arena nearby. "Are you walking?" he asks. Well, ah, yes. You have  LONG walk ahead of you. Oh no, no, no. Did I do it again?  Well no help for it so just keep walking. Another 3 blocks then turn right for two more blocks then turn left for 3 more blocks. UPHILL! It's 100 degrees. By the time I got the Arena I was WET! 

But there I am. I am so excited.
I found my seat. It was concrete. Yes Concrete. Not even smooth concrete. It was rocky. If you put your hand down it scraped it. But it was a seat. The even was totally sold out. People everywhere. 

I drank my water bottle in 3 seconds flat. So off to get a soda now. I get back and there is someone sitting in my seat. 

Me:  Sir, I believe that is my seat.

Mr.:  Yeah well I am sitting here now.

Me:  But that is MY seat. It says so right here on my ticket.

Mr.:  Well you can find another seat. I am sitting here (grins). 

Me: (Staring at him in disbelief) Well I need to sit there. So you need to move.

Mr.:  Well you can sit there.

Me:  (Wimp that I am) I sit down and hope no one challenges me. 

So the Rodeo started.  It was fun. The sun finally bowed down on the horizon and there were bronc riding, bull riding, barrel racing.

Sorry for the fuzzyness but they went by pretty quick. 

Then my battery started dying and well that was it for the photos. 

But I do need to tell you about the little mutton chop kids. They were so cute. They were between 6 and 8 years old and they had to ride a sheep. 

This one little girl hung on for dear life. She even won! Yeah for all the little girls out there. 

Then there were the swearing in of about 20 cadets into the Marine Corps. God bless them. I shed a tear.

Then came the Motocross. I didn't think I would like that very much. Boy was I wrong. That was COOOOLLLL!!!! Yep it was exciting. I felt like I was at an Evil Kneivel event. They were very exciting.

Then came the AWESOME fireworks. That was too cool. 

I found my friend and she game me a ride to my car. What a night. A really nice 4th of July. 


June 18, 2014

I love our Starbuck's

When I moved here 7 years ago, there was NOTHING here. It's a new subdivision and there was just alot of dirt, pipes, 2 x 4's, and the promise of something special.

Then came the little shopping center. I was so excited. Building of something coming. There was a rumor that there was going to be a Lowe's and a Chili's and a Starbuck's and a Panda Express and a Pandera's.  Ok,  I know that's a lot of "and a" but seriously the rumors abounded.

Pandera's just materialized (7 years later) and Panda Express just came across the freeway earlier this year. But the other 3 were the first. I was so excited when I saw the Starbuck's logo go up and couldn't wait for it to open. It was the first one in our part of town.

As time has gone on it is still one of my favorite places to go. I walk through the local park and down the street (which looks like Main Street USA) and take my computer and spend some serious quality time with my coffee and the internet.

Over the years I have gotten to know the baristas. They have changed over the years of course but I frequent the establishment enough that they all know me quickly.

I should also tell you that I have a pretty serious Starbuck's cup collection going. 

The purple one above just broke about 30 seconds after I took this picture. I really like that one too.

I love these huge cups for coffee and hot chocolate when it's cold and rainy out.

Of course I get the cups that celebrate my favorite cities. 

I love these pictures on this cup of San Francisco. 

And of course my Home Town.

Even has the statistics on the back of the cup. Cool.

But what I really love is the Cheer's feeling I get. You know that place where everyone knows your name. 

Plus they are so silly.

She knows my name. Should I be worried?

But this is something special that she did for me. Not only does she make my special drinks just the way I like it and encourages me to try something new but she kept my latest addition to my cup collection for me. 

It was a crazy day. There was a special on Fraps that day and I had the best time just watching these baristas work. 

This is what a part of the counter looked like.They used all these plus more during the time I was there. Whew!  

But I forgot my cup.

It was pretty. And a lovely addition to my collection for spring. 

Well this was easily a month ago and we kept missing each other. Finally yesterday she gave me my package. I had given it up for lost and now here it is. 



May 30, 2014

The County Fair! Lord it was HOT! Part 2

I had a blast at the Sacramento County Fair last weekend. 

But the real reason I went to the Fair was the Bull Riding event. It was only one night so it was Saturday or not at all.

After checking out the rest of the Fair and all the kiddos and their animals it was time to go to the Bull Riding. 

Now it was just Bull Riding. Not a full Rodeo. I actually like full Rodeos better. They have not only Bull Riding (ok the marquee event that it is) but also Bronc Riding, Barrel Racing and much more. The Bull Riding was really exciting too.

These were just as I was sitting down. Basically only half of the area is needed. 

It was HOT!!!! I mean really HOT!!!! 

Did you get the idea that it was hot?


Well let me tell you straight out. It was HOT. There.

Now that we got that settled.

There was this little guy. He was adorable. He was having a great time all night. Dad was looking after him the whole time. It was so cute.

Of course there had to be a big truck somewhere.

There was a salute to our men and women serving our nation and memorial for all those who have given the ultimate price in that service. Very moving. I teared up. But I always do. I am mess at parades. I was saved that there wasn't a marching bank around. I would have been a total disaster.

There there was National Anthem sang by this cute young lady. She did a good job. But after she was finished and she started to walk back behind the shoot (or shute?) she was stopped. A nice young cowboy came out. She apparently knew him and waiting.

Then he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. Awwwwweeeeee. Sniff. Sniff. She said "Yes". Of course.

I missed the actual proposal but I did get the good stuff. You can count on me to get the really important parts.

Then it came time to start all the bull riding. There were going to be 30 rides in the first go around (that is what they call first selection process) then a break, then the top six go for the top prize. Only the top six get any money. So alot of riders are going to need a ride home that night. 

So the first few all didn't last more than 3 seconds if that. 


Here we go!


That's gotta hurt.

 Where am I again? Oh yeah. Running!

Thank goodness the Bull Fighters (clowns) are there. They keep the bull occupied so the rider can get to safety. Wonder what their insurance rates are?

There there is this guy. He was a hoot. He was hilarious. He was funny. He was CRAZY!

It doesn't look like it here but he was all over this arena. Talking to the crowd and keeping everyone entertained in between the riders. It takes a while for the riders to get all situated on the bull. My guess it takes some talking oneself into even getting on the bull. Especially since they make that snort noise that is such a warning. Jeez.

For some reason the bulls just didn't want to go back into the pens. They had a heck of time getting them into the pens let alone to stay there. So as they were trying to get a bull that was just ridden in the pen two more escaped. I think they just wanted some more attention from the cowboys and the crowd. 

They must have know it was Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's wedding weekend so they wanted some of the limelight too. But that's just my theory. 

All in all there were only four bulls that were ridden. So they added two more that lasted the longest. These two almost got the 8 seconds. 

Speaking of 8 Seconds, has anyone seen that movie?  I loved it. But then Luke Perry is nice to look at.  But it is still a bit of tear jerker. If you get a chance, check it out. I was watching this movie with my mother and grandmother one night and they enjoyed it. Then it was at the end credits and they realized it was about a real person and they were mad at me. Why? Then they started really crying. So it is a real good movie.

At the break there was a bunch of kids that got an opportunity to ride a mechanical bull.

They were so cute!!! They got a water bottle as a prize and it could have been gold trophy. They held it up with pride they did. They ran all around and it was so cute. Did I tell you how adorable they were?  Well they were.
Now onto the final go-around. 

Let's just say that this picture is kind of what happened. The first five were all bucked off.

So it was left to only one rider. It was his to Win.

Well he did it. He stayed on the bull the full 8 seconds and he won the night. He was awarded $6,000 for his troubles. Not bad for 16 seconds (2 rides for 8 seconds, get it?) worth of work.

Oh and the rider that proposed earlier?  He was bucked off earlier. I guess he other things on his mind.

So there you go. It was a fun and exciting evening. I just might do it again.